Water heaters for Dresden, Ontario
There is no doubt that Dresden, Ontario residents need water heaters that are long-lasting and durable. For that, they count on Quality Air, for experienced and capable Dresden area heating technicians who can have regular water heaters, or a tankless water heaters actively working in no time.

Dresden – Timely water heater service

Same day water heater repair and replacement, is a service we are proud to offer the Dresden area. You need hot water running all year round, and our priority is ensuring that you have it. When your water heater indicates that it needs attention, by leaking or not reaching desired water temperature, it’s time to call one of our heating staff to schedule an inspection.

Regular or on-demand water heaters?

The latest new innovation in water heater is the tankless, instantaneous, or on-demand style. This new technology is favoured for its energy efficiency. The tankless water heater heats water only when you turn a tap on, is almost silent running, takes up less space and is usually ‘hung’ on an interior wall. There is no better way to reduce CO2 emissions by an average of 900-1000 pounds per year. A conventional tank style water heater has a large tank that is usually 30-60 gallon capacity, for storing and preheating hot water. Whenever someone showers, does the laundry, or washes dishes, the water tank dispenses pre-heated water then refills and re-heats continuously. Regular tank type water heaters are typically less expensive than a tankless unit, and are currently used by most of Dresden premises that we service.

Inquire about Water Heater Financing Options Available

We have financing available for your new water heater purchase. Choose from up to six months of no interest no payments, and up to 36 months of no interest equal payments. Ask us about a variety of water heater financing alternatives.